A LifeHouse is a church that is life minded and willing to take a stand in their community to HELP those facing Life issues.

The vision for the LifeHouse comes from a t-shirt my wife bought me at a secondhand store. Lifehouse is a band with strong Christian roots and with church based support. I had already been dealing with and praying over the word “LifeHouse” a word the Lord gave me during prayer. Then my wife walks in and hands me a Lifehouse concert t-shirt. Feeling the hope in the presence of the Holy Spirit, I held it up and saw listed on the back was the word Lifehouse and then a listing of many US cities. Wow Lord, AWESOME! There should be a “LifeHouse” in every city, community, town and state. A place to HELP these people facing Life issues. Even a listing of many LifeHouses in the same area, a pro-Life show of force to minister to not only ones physical needs but to their spiritual needs. Let’s make it a network of pro-Life churches!
The Abortion Alternative Alliance seeks these churches that will work with us! Together we can and will maximize the high calling of God, He has given us. Reaching out to those who are in need and embracing the truth that the spiritual needs of people are our priority in Christ Jesus. Once the Church accepts and understands this simple truth it comes to the place where it is transformed into a LifeHouse.

Once God allows us the joy and fulfillment of saving a baby and their parents from the sin of abortion, understand now “long term” ministry is needed. We as the Abortion Alternative Alliance accept the reality that we are not equipped or called to provide “long term” spiritual growth to those God has allowed our partnership in ministry to reach. Your Church  now as a LifeHouse can provide this more personalized outreach, we need your Church to fulfill our God given calling.

Now step into my heart! Planned Parenthood is the leading abortion provider in the USA. Now picture it closing its doors, imagine tomorrow when you awaken Planned Parenthood no longer exists. We plead with you to hear our cry! Those facing the Life issues will come to you or call upon you in their hour of desperation, as a LifeHouse hope will be there 24-7-365 and on leap year 366!

A LifeHouse is a responsible Christ based Church offering a solution to abortion.

Our goal is to build a network of LIFE MINDED churches and ministries that are equipped and available to offer assistance to young expectant mothers looking for help. If you would like to become part of this Alliance and be listed on this site fill out the following form.

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Membership for Abortion Alternative Alliance Statement of Desire

We agree and stand firm on these beliefs.

1. We uphold the Right to make peaceful "PHYSICAL" displays and demostrations of these beliefs.

2. We stand "SPIRITUALLY" united waging war and attacks against the gates of the enemy and the
destructive power of Abortion of the INNOCENT and UNBORN.

3. We support, grieve, respect and welcome ALL who have been ravaged by Abortion and it's aftermath.
Embracing the one's who seek GRACE, HOPE and LIFE through the forgiveness and mercies of our Lord
and Savior JESUS CHRIST.

4. We accept and FULLY understand Abortion is MURDER. Only God provides the healing and restoration we seek and desire. He welcomes ALL who have been wounded by this evil and destructive act of taking the life of the INNOCENT and UNBORN, God given blessings of our FUTURE.

5. We accept and embrace OUR God given VICTORY in the war against Planned Parenthood and the act of Abortion. Knowing our Calling and Answering it for the EMERGENCY IS LIFE and the TIME IS NOW!






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