Legacy Life Center - Vision

“Do you help and assist as well as preach?”
“ A Tabernacle of Hope” Isaiah 4:6 KJV

We are to be a Christian Parenting home located in the beautiful state of Kansas. Established through vision and prayer, then to be birthed into existence in the year of 2013. Now stepping forward into tomorrow by using all resources available to touch lives and change hearts.

We are love in action! We are chosen and equipped to fill this need in which we provide quality care for the least of these and their mothers. We are artists who work with the colors of life, and can show others how to mix their gifting and the resources they have to paint a beautiful picture of fulfillment. A life of purpose, passion and prayer! Not by just teaching and preaching but by living the example of a strong Christian home. We are called to offer mother and child hope and love!

We will provide the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing and in doing so, we offer them Hope and Love for their future as well as their childs. Not just in giving them a will to survive but a desire to live a life of purpose in building a relationship with Christ Jesus.

With your help we will fulfill our calling by teaching and to disciplining mothers. Ones who will leave here with a Hope and desire to raise their child to fulfill God’s purpose. As we work together to build this foundation or legacy for the children of tomorrow we will find our destiny in Christ!

The Legacy Life Center will be here for the generations to come. Providing them the tools, knowledge and ability to fulfill their calling as a mother, the one who give’s life!

Have you ever been given a 2nd chance? Can you remember a time when life was crumbling down around you? Not all of us have been there but many have, it is a place of fear and darkness many of us choose not to remember. The fear of the unknown and the darkness in the lost Hope for tomorrow.

Just awhile back, a young woman reached out to us, she wrote “Do you help and assist as well as preach?” then the cry went on. She was a young mother, child due in less than two months and she was looking for someone to care. She was in the place of fear and darkness, crying out for you and I to offer her a 2nd chance at life.

As I read her plea my heart broke! Help, I’m nineteen, scared, have not eaten in days, doing what I can to have shelter just for a night. I sensed hate and rejection roaring at her like a lion soon to take hold of it’s prey. The cry for help says “HELP ME” carry me away to safety, behold darkness and sorrow come for me. Will you “HELP ME”, will you deliver me from the storm and shelter me from the rain?

So as I sit here in the early morning hours and pour out my heart to you. Bible open before me and starring out the front window into the darkness, I see my reflection upon the glass. I sense the only physical thing that is between me and the darkness beyond is a simple pane of glass. Therefore my Hope and prayer is that this letter will shatter the glass of the reality you live in. Look, open your eyes, open your heart, hear my cry! “ HELP ME, HELP US, HELP THEM”. So much pain, so much sorrow as they cry in the night “DELIVER ME”!

God has told me that I was not created to be a beggar, but in the brokenness of my heart and facing tears of God’s Love, I humble myself before you and ask for your help to fulfill our calling. The Lord showed us through His Word, the Bible, to create a book of remembrace for those who belive in this calling. So for the amount of one dollar all who give to this project will not only have their name posted on our website but it will also be recorded in the Legacy Life Center Book of Remembrance. A way for all twho come though these doors to see the names of the one's who cared enough about them and the value of life to provide such a facility. This vision comes by prayer and God's Word of Malachi 3:16 which reads, "Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His name." Also the amount of the one dollar embraces the principals of the widow who gave her all, embracing not the amount you give but the reason you give. Some can and will give more than one dollar but a dollar is all it takes. That way even a child is able to add their name to this legacy, for any name added will be there as long as this facility stands. The Legacy Life Center will be here for the generations to come as it provides many the tools, knowledge and ability to fulfill their calling as a Pro-Life representative of Christ Jesus! We welcome you to join with us for saving lives is truly a 911 emergency.

The Legacy Life Center is a tabernacle of Hope! Lives are at stake and cries for HELP fill the night. Can you hear them? Pray and listen, life and death decisions are in your grasp. The cries that pierce the silence come from the womb, innocent voices echo in the darkness, “HELP ME, HELP MY MOMMY”!

To do nothing reminds of the scriptures “ Woe to those” because to have knowledge without action brings a taste of simple existence and a lack of fulfillment. So as we prepare the Legacy Life Center to fill this vision of Hope, we now need you! Your actions will speak louder than your words! We need your encouragement, praise and offers of support, for it is time to make an investment into the lives of others for we want to know, do you really care?

In the night I hear the knock, ones knocking, ones seeking hope and a desire to live and not just survive. I hear the knock! Do you? In my heart a echo from the depths of time says “You are ready!” The tabernacle of Hope, the Legacy Life Center awaits.

Lord bring forth the provision, touch hearts and encourage your children to give unto this House of Hope. We can only do with what we have been given. Please Father pour your blessings into this ministry of Love. In the urgency of life we have began a leap of faith, as the desire to comfort and provide for the least of these pulses within our hearts and our hands. Amen

Our calling awaits as we pray for the support and HELP to do these works, Christ works that is. Fulfillment for this rests upon You, for we can do no more without You.

We need you to step forward to provide the bed's to open the door for the knock will come in the darkness, no call and no referral. I hear the voice in the night, “Can you HELP US, my child and I need a safe haven to rest and recover. Food and shelter if only for one night.”

Dreams and visions, gone as I am startled by the reality. I know we have favor to finish what we have started and in the name Jesus Christ, we await your Help, Prayers, Love and Support. Join with us and embrace the lives of the least of these!


Do you really care? If so we need you NOW! Whether it is your time, prayers, skills, financial support or whatever you can and will do. Together we will leave a legacy of love and hope and as they come hope in Christ awaits. Not just a hope of a helping hand but a Hope in Jesus Christ where the fear and darkness will live no more.

Through HIS Blood,
Eddie and Crystal DeHart

And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a cover from storm and from rain. ~ Isaiah 4:6 KJV








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