Know More No More

This is a graphic portrayal of Jesus in sorrow as he holds an aborted baby. In the background there is a front page newspaper headline about the many millions of abortions performed each year. However, Jesus is kneeling as He weeps and this is covering the actual number, signifying that only our Lord knows exactly how many such deaths occur each year. Once in prayer as I sought answers to extent of abortion in America it was revealed to me babies are aborted or killed more times than you can blink your eye!

The thought of that answer the Lord revealed to me in prayer, shattered my existence and replaced it with a priority. The priority is that America must see this picture for it is a image that speaks for it’s self, the silence that echos forth holds the cries of the millions of unborn children. Son’s and daughters of this great nation that have had their right to life, taken from them in the name of convenience. Study, meditate, pray and embrace the image placed before you! The old saying is that a picture is worth a thousand words.

As I pray for the right words to share my heart, I caught myself blinking several times. More babies than you can blink your eye!  Stop for a moment and let that thought sink in, how many times did you blink while lost in thought. Yeah, that’s a lot, amen? This campaign titled “ Know More No More “ is a God given way to present the truth of abortion through His eye’s, the picture was painted by Beth Sweigard and she did it or released it in 1983 under the name “ His Own Image “. This picture is as timeless as it’s message.

  1. A media blitz will accompany this campaign in the form of large signs that display this picture being placed on the rear doors of some semi trailers and some 3x5 pictures will be produced to help bring this campaign to life.

  2. The target audience of this campaign is the American Church, that is including all Christ filled and Bible believing groups of believers. Once the Church in America has a better understanding of the urgency of this message, they will be able to address the issue’s of life to their community

  3. The Abortion Alternative Alliance and it’s media support ministry of 911babies, hope you, your family, church or business will Help Us be more effective in sharing this PASSION for Life. You can order these posters or cards to display or pass out to family members and friends which is a great way to show your support and desire to promote life.

  4. We operate as a 501(c)3 charity under the name Second Chance America, donations and gift info can be sent to the address listed below. Your support is our Lifeblood for this outreach ministry.

  5. Please remember us in your prayers and know this is the calling God has chosen for us. Amen
                                      Abortion Alternative Alliance
                                      2403 N. 220 Hwy.
                                      Ellerbe, N.C. 28338






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