Taking the Life Issue's to the Highways!

Bringing HOPE and HELP to America's INNOCENT and UNBORN!

Welcome to www.Truckers4Life.com a vision straight from the heart of a Trucker. After 20 plus years of working in all aspects of the Trucking Industry, I share this message of Hope combined with my God given P.A.S.S.I.O.N. for Life with you my Trucking brothers and sisters. In a manner in which we can unite to promote the value of Life for the future generations. We stand united to protect the Innocent and the UNBORN!

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My Story

When you sit and take a long focused look at a map of America, it seems to take on the apperance of a body. As you continue to gaze on this majestic nation the interstates become the arteries for the blood (lifesupport) to travel through. The secondary roads begin to look like bloodveins that along with the arteries carry the blood through out the body. As I try to grasp the awesome revelation God is sharing with me, I sense that this nation, this body lacks a heart. A place where pledges and commitments stand for honor, Life and integerity. In the past we once went to school and the day began by placing your hand over your heart and making a pledge:


As I wrote this I searched my mind and heart to try to bring this "childhood memory" back to life. The struggles of life, bring hope and grace to me! Life has become as fleeting as "childhood memories" to this great nation. I have been a Trucker most of my adult life and have always had the desire to drive the Big Rig even as a child. The desire is in the blood, my parents both have CDL's and drive, many of my uncles and cousins drive. "It's in the Blood", driving is an act of being in control. In the early spring of 2000 while driving and driving my life down the drain, I cried out to God kind of like that song "Jesus take the wheel". My life has become a complete U-Turn, the addictions of sin are broken, not gone (struggles prevail) but totally broken. Porn, lust, greed, racial hatred, theft, lying and a over all disrespect for life any life including my own.

Now as I travel the roads of Life driving the "Big Rig", I have a God given P.A.S.S.I.O.N. for Life and I live to share it. As I drive I pray for a brighter future for America, one without Abortion, one without Planned Parenthood who alone is the leading abortion provider in the world. I now take this to You and America, my plea, my pledge, my prayers and my life reflects a passion for God and a hope for Life! A hope not just for the Innocent and Unborn, but a hope for you, one of peace and understanding! One of acceptance in my Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST!

As I drive the "Big Rig" you can see my heart on my truck doors, JESUS is Lord across my hood and a sign that says "ABORT PLANNED PARENTHOOD NOT BABIES" on the back of trailer number 911 (Romans 9:11 KJV). Then out there for the whole world to see www.911babies.com a outpouring of Hope and HELP for those in need. 911 is an Emergency, 911 is a desperate plea for HELP, 911 is a Hope for Life.

Join us as I encourage you, your family, your business, your church and America to spread the word and this God given P.A.S.S.I.O.N. for Life. JOIN NOW!





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