911babies wants to involve you in the saving of innocent lives. There are many ways that you may participate. Details of these activities are being developed and will be posted on this page. Here is a list of a few ways 911babies and the Abortion Alternative Alliance will be offering for you to get involved:



If you know of a clinic or source of help for mothers-to-be that need help and want alternatives to abortion, please have them contact us and we will add them to our LifeSupport Centers..


These are the churches and ministries that choose to participate in offering care and counsel to expectant mothers who are in need of support and guidance from a Christ-like perspective of love.




Support 911babies.com

Take a moment to visit plannedparenthood.org and see what we are aiming to be an alternative to. Planned Parenthood is well funded and extremely slanted toward keeping Roe-v-Wade intact as well as giving a nod to unGodly sexuality by offering advice to young people on how to "decide" when they are ready to become sexually active. Even going as far as to make contraceptives available on the site. If you feel it is time to have a site that will give the cure to this counter culture and would like to make a donation to help make this possible contact us to find out how.


As we build this site and alliance we will need prayer for guidance and strength. Attacks are certainly inevitable. So if you can make 911babies.com and the Abortion Alternative Alliance a part of your daily prayer it would be well appreciated.












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