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911Babies Media

911Babies is a urgent call for help. The innocent unborn are silently crying out and the we hear them loud and clear. 911Babies has been progressive media campaign to get the word out about life and destructive enemy of life known as abortion. Established in 2001 and still advancing on the kingdom of darkness with many known saves. The first step in our campaign was this radio commercial, as we identified abortion as being an emergency that needed to addressed with urgency. You may listen, download and even take it to your favorite radio station to see if they will "air on the side of life." 911Babies is an Godly solution to the demonic practice of abortion which is nothing more than modern day child sacrifice.


We Didn't Know

Radio commercial - 1 minute

Silence Within

Written for 911Babies by Matt Thomas

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Abortion Clinic 911 Emergency Calls

This video is a composite of emergency 911 calls to Aware Woman abortion clinic in Melbourne, Florida. The video is overlaid with audio from the actual 911 calls and one message left on our answering machine by one young woman whose abortion at Aware Woman went terribly wrong.