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Abortion Truth Equals Knowledge

I have an aunt who has had an abortion on more than one occasion. She did this to please her husband for the purpose of having more money for drugs and sex parties.

When I was about 11 years old, along with my 12 year old sister, we went to stay with my aunt in Dallas Texas. Their daycare closed for the Summer, and they were in need of a babysitter - and for our age, the pay was awesome for a summer job.

My aunt became pregnant and it wasn't long before he begin ordering her to have an abortion. She begged him to let her keep this baby, but he insisted. Even at our age we realized when she was getting her abortion. We stayed out the way, babysat her 3 children and took them to the pool.

Because of the protestors with signs in front of the abortion clinic, the women getting an abortion took the coward's way, and were bussed in so that no one could see their faces. They were driven into a parking garage, lined up, given paperwork to fill out, paid their money, and given a pill to relax them. Then they were taken in to have their precious babies killed.

After she came home sore and exhausted, her husband put her to work in cleaning the house. He then beat her and while he kicked her between her legs he yelled, "Bitch, you killed my baby!" He then raped her and ordered her to clean the bloody mess on the bed.

When we came back from our day out at the park with the kids, there was my beautiful aunt, beaten and wearing bloody pants from the assault her husband had afflicted on her. Even though she was pale from blood loss and just plain exhausted, I couldn't pity her at this moment.

That night her husband of 13 years raped my twelve year old sister. She didn't tell me, but he promised her that I was next. Immediately the next morning, my sister called our parents and told them that I was not helping, and that I was getting on her nerves. She asked them for a plane ticket for me, and two days later - I flew home. A few years later, my sister finally told me. I was devastated. She told my aunt, but she only called my sister a liar. She then confronted her attacker.

To anyone who may read this, maybe it might help point out the burden of the decision to be a single mom, by working two jobs or having tough times. I want people to remember how my aunt killed her baby, a man who raped and beat her, and violated her niece. These men who agree with abortion are hardly with the salt they are made of, and neither are the woman who kill their babies through an abortion when you think about it.

When you think about children, they will love their parents. There is no love from a baby killed by an abortion, or a man who walks out on his responsibility of being a dad.

I have been a single mother of an unwanted boy for 8 1/2 years. He will gladly tell you that I am his mom, but he will never know about the day his dad put me on that coward's bus to an abortion clinic. He will never know that I never through the gates of the clinic, or about the letter that I left to his father, explaining that I couldn't go through with it, because I couldn't live with myself. I knew that every time I would look into his eyes, it would remind me of the baby I killed because of an abortion.

I kept the money for the abortion and took my pregnant self back home to mom and dad. I asked them to help me be strong enough for me and my baby. To this day, this man who is 300 miles away will never know that I didn't kill his baby through an abortion. He is my son, and I could never be more proud of the decision that I made that day.

If you know someone considering an abortion, or maybe considering one yourself, please check out a the alternatives to abortion before you choose. Knowledge is a must in making this life and death decision.


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