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Married at 16

I am married and have six kids. I am 26 years old and have lived a pretty eventful life. I got married when I was 16 and was pregnant though it was a struggle I contiued to live the best I could in 2002 I had 3 children at the age of 21 I found out I had a form of skin cancer it was a dime sized tumor growing on my leg, I had it removed and a skin graph. The tumor had signs of cancer cells but nothing else was affected. Praise God! So after that I got type 2 diabetes that was very upsetting as well. Then in September of 2003 a truck ran a red light and T boned me it took the jaws of life to get me out to say the least it wasn't pretty. Well about 2 days later the dr office called and said I was going to die if I didnt get right back to the hospital my liver funtions were deadly.

Well Praise Jesus I am still here! Since then I have been through getting eletricuted at work to being robbed there too. All I can say is that there are somethings that can try to bring us down and there are somethings that can lift us up, and out of these things I have experienced God lifting me up every turn every trial every scary moment He is there watching, helping and loving.

So I believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST with all my heart and know he is the reason I am here and 6 babies is a blessing no matter what anybody else thinks. Cause with the things I have shared with you there were things that not only might of taken me but things that could of been unreplacable damage like my kids losing their mom.

I am pro life, a mother, a wife. I want to let woman know there is other options. Abortion is the taking of life that you have been given. We have become so violent now that we seek out which is hidden to destroy, a baby in the womb is not outside where it is doing some awful crime that it deserves the death penalty. It is hidden from the world sheltered from the evils of this world. Until a butcher abortion doctor goes inside the intersanctum and visously takes the babies life away.

Abortion causes,phyisical,mental,emotional and spiritual scars for life. Please be knowledgable about this so called choice. Because the baby you carry that you can't hear, that you can't see, and that you can't hold, you will never hear, see, hold or love if you take their life and you will remember their birthday, you will wonder was the baby my son or daughter? That is surely a pain that many women bear today.I am sure alot of them wish someone would of told them the truth and showed them love and compassion in their time of need. You have a life inside of you and you are a mother not that you are going to be a mom when you are pregnant you are a mom.

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