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I am blessed!

I have actually wanted to do this for a very long time. GOD gave me a purpose in my son twenty years ago and I knew that then as I know it now. All these horror stories about what really goes on during abortions really got to me and broke my heart. That is when I think of my son. I was five months pregnant at the time I was told there some wrong and the blood test was done twice. They told me something may be posssibly wrong with your child, that is what I was told "Abortion is recommended at this time"! It was such a vague statement the nurse suggested again that I might not want to have him.

Well I did not follow this advice and gave birth to my son in the hospital. I was ready to give birth at home by myself and alone if need be, because nobody was going to take my baby. While there at the hospital no one said anything not a word and as time went by and it was apparent that he had delays in development. I had already had two other children and he was sure different, he walked at 2 yrs old and he didnt talk he just made sounds and there were various other indicators of problems. Then I discovered as it all came out that he is autistic PDD NOS and nobody really knows the cause of autism. He did have alot of tests including blood tests as they checked his genes but it still showed nothing abnormal so no one can say for why he has his autism, also it was not his immunization shots! He had got his baby shots but at the time I was between doctors and the kids and I didn't really have doctor until after all this diagonsis. I do not regret one bit of it not ever!

I don't have any family around here to help me it's just me and my kids. Nobody else has helped, espically not with Joseph for many were a fraid of him. God has given me the strength for without Him I could not take care of Joseph and all the problems we have to endure. So with that I did what I had to do by myself! I was the one, his mother a title above all titles mankind observes. I was the one that it was all left to and I'll say this it is an honor and a priviledge to his mother. I also know full well that some people, lots of people who hate and abhor abortion would still, have felt that I should've aborted my son.

After all I cant go out cant leave him alone and he needs someone here even now. He does not do personal care independently, but I just thank God for my son he does have a purpose. He reaches out to people and he is not afraid of people. I have seen people just bored with life with nothing but a blank stare. Then in just moments he gets their attention and in a few moments they walk away smiling and ressurected. Joseph just does it all naturally andhe has a following where ever he goes library and other places. He is amazing so much more than all these experts will ever know.

I am blessed! I know that his father felt Joseph would have been better off not being born. I'm so sorry for him for he does not know his son and does not know what he has missed . I am not angry with him I feel sorry for him, truly I feel sorry for him. I don't have anyone else to share this with and I just hope this makes a difference. It is somewhat of a change to the other stories you post, but Joseph's lifestory states that every one has purpose. God doesn't make mistakes He makes miracles and I am the mother of a miracle. God bless and always choose life!

Mother of a miracle,
Sharon Baker

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