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Dead Baby Inside

"I had an abortion and i cry all the time. I got pregnant from my boyfriend of 3 years he told me he wasn't ready to have a child. I knew I wasn't either because I was 18 at the time. I had so much to do before I have children. Inside I really wanted to keep it because it was my first child. I also love children and my boyfriend means the world to me, we had made a child with our love we have for each other. But i also know we don't have a place to keep the baby we both dont got jobs. Abortion was my only choice. I was still in high school it was a few months before graduation and I know i have to go to college. So me and my boyfriend skip school to go get my abortion. They gave me a pill so it dies first before they take it out and I swear I felt it kick, I knew it had died when i felt it. There was a DEAD BABY inside me and it was the worse thing that has happen to me I wish I never did it. After I had got an abortion things with me and my boyfriend went all down. We started to fight when before we rarely ever did. I found out that he was cheating on me with two different girls. I found out one of the girls was also pregnant and she was keeping it. My boyfriend left me for her. Now they live together and both go to school and work. I think to my self that could of been us. He chose her and he was only with her for six months. He chose someone he been seeing for six month over me witch we been together for 3 years. When I asked him why her why did he talk me into an abortion. He told me he knew I was a horrible person that I wasn't suit to be a mother since i even thought about getting an abortion. His other girl had sticked up for her child and said she will never do such a thing that's when he knew she was the one. To me it wasn't just my fault because he could of stopped me. Now all i do is try to pass my story on for other girls so they can think twice. -Anonymous"

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