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Jesus Forgives Your Abortion.

When i was very young i got pregnant. I didn't listen to my mothers advice about not having sex until marriage I especially didn't listen to the lord's commandment about not to fornicate. But i did anyway, I didn't realize the horrific consequence that was going to follow after the decision of having an abortion. It was the sadest day of my life. When my mother found out she said I needed to get an abortion, I remember i cried and begged her to not let me go through with it. When i went to the abortion clinic I remember a lady asking me questions. I remember crying and telling this lady not to ever have an abortion and she looked at me sadly. I want to let everyone know that there are grave consequences after having an abortion, it can be immediately or months or even years of you regretting having an abortion. There is depression, anxiety, sadness, not wanting to live, low-self esteem, and even the ability of not having children ever again, or miscarriages. Years later i got married and had two misscarriages my doctor said when you have an abortion it is like a train starting slowly, then picking up full speed and stop all of a sudden, you can imagine right. That is how the body reacts physically and psychologically. Please do not have an abortion. read the information on this website or call 1-800-395-HELP. And remember if you did it already ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you and to heal your heart and emotion. Ask the Lord Jesus to enter your heart and forgive you for all your sins because Jesus died on the cross for you so you can be in heaven with him for all eternity. I now have 4 girls, astep-son and a wonderful man of God. I thank God daily for my family, and I pray that you can have a bless family as well! My mother also serves the Lord and has forgiveness. She also had tremedous regretts for almost 20 Years and God healed Her emotions as well. If you are a christian and feel guilt and comdemnation don't, because if you ask for forgiven He washed you with his blood and it is erased. You might still feel the pain when you remember or are addictict to things and wonder why it is because you still remember the pain. Tell the Lord to help you recover, cry to Him with all your heart you probably hav'nt greived yet. You can also go to a Christian councellor, or pastor. Look for testimonys of christian of past abortions it will help tremendously you may be healed instantly, a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months, but day by day you will gain strenghth. trust in the Lord you can do it friend, sister or even brother.

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