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A Voice For The Unborn

Well to begin I am the very proud mother of four children, one in heaven and three are here with us. I am happily married to a great man and I am a christian woman, but I believe that you don't have to be a religious person to be against abortion. I made this site to help any mother or father that might be considering abortion, any person who has ever made this difficult choice, to educate anyone of might not understand, and to support others who fight for this cause with me. I truly believe that if we stand up for what we believe in, we can save the lives of these innocent children. There is no excuse to take someone elses life. NONE. There as so many other options now, that there is really no reason to end a child life. I also believe that this world should be educated on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to make it easier for families that want children to be able to adopt them. I know that my generation was not educated as we should have been on these things, that's why so many teens are becoming pregnant today. I myself had my first child when I was seventeen, along with many others in my school that were younger. But no matter what the cause of the pregnancy, that is no reason to punish a child for our mistakes. I know that if they had a voice, they would want to live. When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first son, I was told that he had a disease and he would not survive once he was born. The disease stopped his kidneys from developing, which means that when he drink in the amniotic fluid, it was not being filtered or urinated out. So not only were his kidneys holding all this fluid, there was no amniotic fluid for him to practice breathing. His lungs had stopped developing at 20 weeks. I was single, 17 and alone. My boyfriend of two years had left me the same time and I had to face this without my childs' father. I tried everything I could to save him. Went from specialist to specialist, trying to help my little boy, but nothing could be done. At 30 weeks, after my final ultrasound, the doctor told me that there was nothing we could do to save him and I just had to accept it. I remember saying "What am I supposed to do, just let him die?" and the nurse looked at me and said "Well, it's too late for you to have an abortion.". I couldn't believe that she had the nerve to say that to me. After everything that I had gone and was going through, I couldn't believe someone could be that heartless. Like this little boy inside of me didn't matter, just because he wasn't here. A week later, I went into labor. 31 weeks was too early, but nothing was done to stop it because we knew he wasn't going to live. I was in labor for 30 hours before he came. Because there was no fluid, it was difficult. He was in the breach position and was not able to turn around. It was Thanksgiving night when I went into labor, and my doctor was not happy with that to begin with ( I guess I inconvenienced her), but she had no patience for us. In such a hurry to get home, she tried to rip him out of me once his legs were out, which she ended up breaking one. Once he was born (still alive) she wouldn't even let me hold him until she was done. My little boy, Adrian, lived for 10 minutes. I had chosen not to have him on life support because I wanted his short time on earth to be just loved. He had blue eyes. I got to see them open and look at me. Due to MY CHOICE, my son lived. I knew he was sick and I knew I wouldn't have him forever, but I had him. For 31 weeks I was his mother and he felt my love. He got to see this world for 10 minutes. What if I would've gotten an abortion when I found out he was sick? We would've never have had that time. Everyone around me treated him like he didn't matter. He was just a "fetus". To me he was and is my son and I became a mother that day. That is where my passion comes from. To think people don't consider a child to matter just because you haven't held them in your arms yet, is unbelievable to me. EVERY CHILD MATTERS, and as long as I live I will fight for these children. Please don't kill them just because you don't want them. I promise you that someone else will. * as a side note, please don't think I mean to be judgemental. Everyones life is different and I will never know the pain that alot of you have been through. This is my personal history and my view, but it doesn't make me right in your eyes. My main goal is to reach out to any of you who are considering this in hopes of showing you other options. I do believe strongly in this and I do mean every word that is written here, but I would never judge a person for the choices they have made in life.

This site is for anyone who has ever had a hard choice to make, to encourage and educate anyone who might need help, and to support anyone who might be having a hard time. This site is not only for abortion, but for anyone who has ever lost a child. We are all united together in this fight and should be there for each other. My goal is to help people understand WHY abortion is wrong, regradless of religion, and to show that there are other options, such as safe sex and adoption. There is NO EXCUSE for killing an innocent child and we should all be a voice for those that can't speak for themselves. If you are against abortion, please share this site. Stand up for what you believe in and you could save a life. If everyone who is pro life changes one persons' mind, think of the innocent lives that could be saved.

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