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Life Stories

The Creator’s Heart

When I was nineteen I had the choice of becoming a woman after the Creator’s heart, a woman of destiny, or a pawn in the hands of the feminists. I had the choice of having an abortion or birthing a baby. My high school sweetheart had abandoned me with the promise of love but no offer of marriage. I was young and dreamy eyed like all girls who have fallen in love for the first time are.

I remember the gynecologist telling me that since I was young and unmarried I should just get an abortion. That my life would be too hard as a single mother and I would be raising the baby in poverty.

I left that office so mad I could not think straight. I didn’t take that genocidal maniacs advice. I had an Indian baby inside of me. I was not going to let anyone take that away from me. Not some ignorant doctor who knew nothing about the strength inside of me, nor my family, nor the strength of my ancestors.

I had that baby, that Ojibwe, Cree, Comanche and French baby. He is now 28. He is married to a Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Scottish girl. I have two grandbabies now.

All the “predictions” by the genocidal society’s medical people proved false. I didn’t end up in poverty. My family rallied around me. My parents weren’t very happy that I didn’t have a husband, but they anticipated the birth of their grandson with much joy.

I birthed in a city hospital 28 years ago. I didn’t get sterilized. Four years later I met the man of my dreams. Then I birthed two more times until my uterus gave out. That’s okay. I fulfilled my destiny.

Women all over the world need to fulfill their destiny. Whether that is by birthing their own children or adopting others, it is their calling to sustain life. Amen

The old Apache story speaks true today: Among the few human beings that were yet alive was a woman who had been blessed with many children, but these had always been destroyed by the beasts. If by any means she succeeded in eluding the others, the dragon, who was very wise and very evil, would come himself and eat her babes.

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