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Please Just Close the Church Doors ... Please!

By: Phil Magnan

I read an editorial in a Christian newspaper, that was a well intentioned constructive criticism of my article Pastoral Censor of the Pro Life Message. Some of her suggestions were very good and some were the very same ideas that I have espoused for many years. But there were shock waves in my mind as I considered the way that we have tried to win the churches to be pro life.

For so many years I have tried to believe the notion that we have to take the time to win churches and pastors to our pro life stance. You know ...over time we'll convince the Christians to not kill their own children. But the lives of so many children have been lost in that process, and you might ask why? Long term plans should produce long term results. To be sure there are churches out there who are awesomely pro life and active, but that is not the norm, it's the exception. Sadly in most churches it's too late. I really mean it, it's too late. It is time for mourning the loss of truth, justice and righteousness in the church. At this point you may be saying that I'm playing the blame're right! It is time that we the church take the blame for being weak in our condemnation of the horrific promotion of child killing in the church. It is time for pastors to weep because they must take responsibility for the deaths of so many unborn children in their flocks. God forbid, but perhaps our pastors love peace more than truth and fear their flocks more than God.

It makes me wonder what Jesus would say to the church community today if he had to rebuke us as he did the Pharisees. Also, would we hate Him like the Pharisees and end up crucifying Him? Probably not, besides why would Jesus rebuke us? We're a lot better than those Pharisees or are we?

But what if Jesus were to say.... "Woe to you pastor's, hypocrites! Because you preach the love of your fellow man, but you have turned your backs on the most helpless members of your church, the unborn child!

Woe to you churches, you have said we have built wonderful churches for ourselves. So you admit that you have monuments to your indifference to the unborn child and pregnant woman in crisis! You have tithed for your own ease and status, but your use of tithes will witness against you as the neglecting of the weightier provisions of the Law, justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Woe to you body members, who sit idly by as the children in the womb are torn apart and you say I see nothing! (Proverbs 24:11-12) Woe to you Christians, for you expect the Christ to be your advocate at the moment of your death and have neglected to advocate for the least of these at the moment of their death. (Matthew 25:45)

Woe to you Pastors and Church members, who honor the government with your lips, but will not be part of it, saying its too political, and did not understand that it is a ministry of God. (Romans 13:1-4) It was I who gave you the authority to vote and run for office so that righteousness and justice would prevail, even for the unborn, but you have given the government to those who blaspheme my name. You will passionately demand justice for yourselves, but will not lift a finger for the unborn.

Woe to you pastor's, preachers of the Word! Hypocrites! You say that you rightly divide the word, but are afraid that you might lose your building, livelihood and church members, if you offend church members with the words "thou shalt not kill the unborn!"

Woe to you board members, committees! Blind guides! You will fund a missionary to travel land and sea to make one convert, but it is in your own churches that the pagan teaching of 'choice' and child killing prevail! Judgment must first start with the household of God!

Behold I am sending to you prophets and wise men and gentle warriors. Some of them you will ostracize in your churches and others you will forbid to speak out in defense of the "least of these", that upon you may fall the guilt of the pre born child's blood." If a church or pastor cannot feel the gravity of murder by abortion, then how can we say that the church is the pillar of truth?

How can we open the doors of our church saying that we love one another and not speak clearly that abortion is murder, even in cases of rape, incest, or deformity? We have no right to call ourselves Christians if we embrace murder. For we know that no murderer has eternal life. (1 John 3:15) How can we say that we hate the violence of the world while affirming a woman's right to kill her unborn child? The unborn child's blood has cried out to God each day. May that witness not be against us!

It is time for the whole church to mourn the loss of truth, righteousness and justice concerning the unborn. I am pleading for all Christians to weep and repent over the sickening condition of the church. It must not be business as usual in which we pat each other on the back about our so called God blessed ministries. It is a time for mourning the fact that so many are willing to defend and make excuses for their pastors lack of spiritual backbone to preach the truth about abortion. Any pastor who cannot openly and passionately condemn abortion has no right to be in the pulpit. This is not just another issue, it's murder. There are thousands of unborn children dying by the hand of church members each day! We can make all of the excuses in the world, but our actions speak louder than words.

If it is not natural for a church to tell the truth and defend the unborn, stop calling yourself a Christian church, you have no right or authority to do so, just close the church doors .... please!

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