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Please Hear Me!

By: Brittney Lira

Up until recently I always knew abortion was wrong, even knowing it was wrong I had never really given it a second thought. I live in a pretty large sized Mormon city where people don’t usually talk about it, because it really isn’t that big of an issue. I had never been exposed to abortion, nor had I known anyone that had gotten one. Right up until June 2013. Before I go into the topic of abortion any further, let me give you this disclaimer: My views on abortion are not because of my personal Christian beliefs. I but my views are strictly based on humanity and morals.

I was working in a small business as a Manager. Most of the employees were teenagers and young adults. During my employment several employees, including myself, became pregnant. Very few ever considered abortion. In April of this year there was a high school student who became pregnant. She was very fearful of her parents and had asked me for advice. She was considering an abortion. At this point, my daughter was already born and I had just gotten back from my maternity leave. I explained to her that there were other options. I told her that her parents would understand. I told her about adoption. I even told her that I would rather adopt her baby then have her go through with the abortion. I’m not sure what I said got through to her. I am not even sure If anything I said helped her come to her conclusion. But after everything, she ended up continuing her pregnancy. Unfortunately I lost contact with her, but from what I hear her due date is just around the corner! In June of 2013 the outcome of another co-worker wasn’t the same. She became pregnant and the first thing she told anyone was that she was scheduling an abortion. I had never seen eye-to-eye with this women during the three years of working with her. I was as nice as possible in the beginning. I did things to help her with her work, I tried being nicer to her then I had in the past, and I tried to change her mind. I told her how amazing a baby is, how big of a blessing she was to my husband and I , I brought my daughter to work, I showed her pictures, I told her about her alternative options, such as adoption. Nothing seemed to make her care about the life inside of her. She talked about her scheduled appointment almost as freely and carelessly as someone would talk about going to get a pedicure. When I told her about her alternatives and told her the truth about abortion, and that it was murder, she began to treat me with less respect then you would give to a fly on the wall. She spoke so much hate about me and to me. She knew she could still change her mind, but I knew she wouldn’t. She taunted me with it. She actually had the nerve to send me messages asking if I would work for her on the day her abortion was scheduled. At this point my two-week notice had already been turned in and I knew her mind had already been made and there was nothing further I could do. I told her no. There was no way I was going to work for her so that she could go kill her child. After her abortion, she returned to work and acted like nothing had happened. Everyone who worked there knew what she had done. But no one else cared. Instead of working I a room full of people who hated me for my views on abortion, I did the cowardly thing and started working a different shift for my last few days with people who were more like myself. Older, higher in maturity and dislike of abortion. Looking back I regret not continuing to work with those people. I wasn’t scared. I just didn’t want to deal with it. I could have shed some light, I could have shown them that I was stronger than that. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to deal with people talking about me like I was the one in the wrong. The day after my last day of work, I received some really nasty messages from this girl. She called me every name in the book, she threatened me, she called my family ugly, and I will admit I didn’t say the nicest things in reply. I got everything I felt about what she did out of my system. And that’s when I realized who much I wanted to be more involved with the pro-life community.

After debating with several different pro-choice people over comments on Facebook, I decided to do some research. I had heard so many reasons why women felt their abortions were justified and so many reasons why they felt that abortion should be legal. All of the reasons I heard were selfish. The deeper into the conversations I got, the more selfish these people became. To every single pro-choice debate they gave me, someone else or myself were able to list better solutions and completely contradict what they were saying. After doing some research, I would like to share with you my findings.

One of the larger reason people give to justify abortion is Women’s Rights. My body, my choice. First things first, why do women have the right to murder their children? Women’s Rights were NOT originally created for that purpose. Women’s rights should place them equally with me. Women’s right should include the right to vote, the right to work, the right to drive, the right to an education, the right to be overall EQUAL to men. Not the right to murder. I haven’t been able to decide if a woman’s right to an abortion gives them more power than men or even degrades them more? Men don’t have the right to an abortion. The mother makes the decision, ultimately without any say from the baby’s father. Men have been convicted of murder for tricking women into abortions through ways of force. Saying this I think abortion should be 100% illegal. But if women can choose life or death for their own children, why can’t men? Women do it constantly without one second of thought through our government. In fact, now our government PAYS for women to abort their children. But if a man makes the decision for his partner, he is given prison time. Women’s right to an abortion could also be viewed as degrading to women. It gives them a right that when using this right, usually ends in depression, sometimes suicide, infections and frequently infertility. There have been several cases were the woman has died as a direct result of abortion. As for My body, my choice, another term used within women’s rights, the term in my opinion describes something you do to your own body. A tattoo or piercing for an example. But killing the baby inside of you, ripping him/her limb from limb, certainty has nothing to do with YOUR body. Your body has nothing to do with the body that is growing inside of you. You want to rip your own limbs off? That’s your body, your choice. Doing that to someone else’s body, is certainty not your choice. It’s cold hearted murder.

Another reason people give as to why abortion should be legal is rape. Where could I even begin to start with this subject? Why would you punish an innocent baby for the crimes of his father? I realize that if a women was raped and became pregnant as a result, the pregnancy was not her fault. But that still doesn’t mean that the fault should ever begin to the child who is unwillingly put in the situation. Rape is a horrible crime, but murder is worse. Do two wrongs make a right? The answer is no. The after pain that comes from being raped is hard enough, why in the world would anyone think that adding the guilt of getting an abortion would make them feel better? It won’t. In the end the mother who aborted the child will feel worse and have increased depression. If you don’t have motherly feelings towards your unborn child, there is ALWAYS someone who will. There is an actual waiting list of families waiting to adopt and a lot of them will even agree to compensate you for medical bills and for anything else you need or want. Nine months of pregnancy is nothing compared to what you will feel emotionally after getting an abortion. Give someone else the gift of life! It is not your babies fault! Although this seems like it would be the largest reason that women abort, it shockingly isn’t. Out of 55,800,000+ abortions between 1973 and 2012, less than 2% of these are because of Rape or incest. So this argument would be extremely rare and no contribute a big enough of a deal for pro-choice advocates to be able to use this as an argument.

Then only 6% of abortions occur due to either health problems for the mother or the baby. With the technology that we have today, this also seems like an invalid excuse. They have so much new equipment and new ways of medication and observation. There have been studies and research to conclude that there are little to no actual medical conditions that could bring death to the mother. I hear so many stories from people all over the world who share their stories. Doctors tell them that their babies have severe defects or health problems, only to find out that the predictions were false. These are not official diagnosis’s, they are opinions. Why kill your child based on a prediction? Why kill your child because of any defects? Out of convenience? You don’t want to deal with a child that has Down syndrome? That is selfish. The baby didn’t choose to be sick. They need love. Not hate.

The other reasons for abortion, which are the most purely selfish reasons, are out of strictly convenience. No other excuses. A lot of women also say that they were ‘forced” into abortion. Did the person who forced you hold a gun to your head? If not, that is just an excuse. The abortion clinics are supposed to ask you if you’re being forced. If you said no, that’s your fault. Our society today is facing a complete lack of humanity. Women are aborting for reasons such as birth control, gender, unwillingness to try, not caring, and their own freedom. There are so many women out there who get pregnant from not using birth control, such as condoms, the pill, etc. Then there are the women who get multiple abortions AS their form of birth control. Women abort because the baby they are carrying isn’t the gender that they wanted. Women abort because they would rather kill their children instead of letting someone else love and care for them. How selfish can our society be? You’re not ready to be a parent? Use protection, don’t have sex, adoption, there are so many options out there but women are using murder as the easy way out. It absolutely disgusts me when women abort their children out of selfishness. I see comments from women saying that they would get pregnant just so they could get an abortion, for the sole reason of making a point. That is so sad to think that a woman would protest her rights by killing a child.

I know there have been several studies on this subject and that it is impossible to know for sure, but I believe with every once in my body that babies feel pain while being aborted. How could you not? How is it possible that you wouldn’t feel the pain of being stabbed and ripped into pieces? I recently watched an older documentary called “Silent Scream”. The full version can be found on YouTube. In that video they show an ultrasound view of an abortion taking place. The baby FIGHTS for his life and tries to escape the vacuum. It is so wrong for people to assume they can’t feel the pain. I would be interested in watching a modern day documentary containing an abortion on a 3D ultrasound. If that was published I am positive a lot of people, pro-life or not, would change their minds as to believing a baby can’t feel pain. I challenge anyone who is considering an abortion, or really anyone at all to view the documentary. Even though it doesn’t contain the best of technology, if you walk away from that video and still remain pro-choice then I don’t know what could possibly change your mind and your heart.

I know this is a huge problem yet today in our society, but if we keep allowing it, the problem will grow larger and larger. Late term abortions and partial birth abortions. Both are currently illegal in most of the world. I believe Maryland is the only state in the U.S. that allows abortion clinics to govern themselves. A late term abortion is an abortion that occurs after the legal age limit (13-24 weeks generally). A partial birth abortion occurs when the baby is killed (Spinal cord cut, neck snapped, decapitated, or stabbed through the head with a needle) during labor when the body has not fully exited the birthing canal. What kind of person would do that? At that point if you don’t consider abortion murder, you are a sorry individual. There is absolutely no excuse at that point. There have been several clinics closed down for doing these procedures. I am sure some of you have heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell. He was a provider or late term and partial birth abortions. Along with several Planned Parenthood locations. I could go on and on about Kermit Gosnell, but I would be here writing for days. Look up the name Dr. Kermit Gosnell if you haven’t already. He is a low life, scum of the earth person who calls himself a doctor. I warn you that his story is incredibly graphic and very inappropriate for children.

Planned Parenthood is one of the largest businesses within the abortion industry. They do everything in their power to make abortions happen more frequently and they don’t always do this by legal means. There have been several undercover investigations, as well as former employees coming forward and exposing the truth. Planned Parenthood and its associates help people break their states current abortion statues (such as underage abortions without parental consent or patients that are too far into their pregnancies) by referring patients to different clinics in different states. The was a doctor who was formally associated with Planned Parenthood who admitted that they were giving out low-dose birth control pills so patients, mainly aimed at teens, would become pregnant. They have made cartoons for “educational purposes” which were really meant to hook kids on sex. How disgustingly greedy can they get?

Lastly, I would like to discuss the victims of botched abortions. Some abortions are not successful. When an abortion is not successful, or when a later in pregnancy abortion occurs, the baby is quite frequently born alive. When mothers abort their baby later in pregnancy, they are often induced for labor and/or given a saline abortion. If the saline abortion fails, the baby is born in OBVIOUS pain with saline burns covering his/her entire body. When the baby is born, if he/she isn’t murdered by injection or by other means, the hospital or facility is not required (or allowed) to care for the baby against the mothers wishes. More often than not, the baby is placed in a dark room, alone, and painfully fighting for every breath for sometimes hours until he/she “naturally” passes on. How sad is that to know that we live in a nation were that is considered okay?

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I sincerely hope that this reaches out to at least one person and saves at least one life. There are so many other options. Don’t murder your baby. Choose life! Help abolish abortion. I don’t want my children growing up in a world full of hate and in a country were abortion is okay and suggested! Your baby loves you.

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