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We Stand With AHA

As you all know 911Babies is a ministry led by people seeking God's perfect will and the leading of the Holy Spirit. After many prayers over the AHA (Abolish Human Abortion) organization and their leaders we have perfect peace sharing our stance with all interested parties.

911Babies is a pro-life abortion abolishing voice of truth and love, we are honored to welcome our networking with AHA. The Lord has revealed His blessing upon them! He has given revelation to us about AHA though a biblical word about "one's who turn the world upside down".

AHA is an advancing abortion abolishing force full of no compromise, they are warriors of truth filled with a God given desire to end this holocaust of child murdering apathy called Abortion.

In Acts 17:6 Paul and Silas roll into town and rock the world of those in who live in Thessalonica. Much the like the way AHA or Abolish Human Abortion has done in the pro-life movement. 911Babies has served and operated within this mission field since 9-11-01 the day the Lord rocked the heart of a simple youth leader. Over the last couple of years we have heard many in the pro-life movement speaking words of dislike over AHA. We have heard them say, " AHA are trouble makers and rebels", "AHA are destroying the pro-life movement" and "AHA is making waves". The evil monster of jealousy often rears it's ugly head when advancement occurs! More so in ministry is seems, remember Satan is lurking around the corner, seeking to devour, and we must not let jealousy invade our hearts toward another or to walk in unforgiveness toward those who have been envious toward us. We must humble ourselves and walk together in the grace God purchased for us through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus.

As the Director of Operations of 911Babies, I personally welcome anyone, ministry or organization that seeks to invade the enemy territory of Abortion. The King James bible uses the words in Acts 17:6 "And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also;". It uses the phrase which when fully translated means "here are those who rasied up and insurrection or revolt."

That verse speaks of the people of Thessalonica not being so much bothered but alarmed and afraid because they know things are getting ready to change.

AHA stands for Abolish Human Abortion and their logo is a A H then an upside down A, this speaks a truth established though God's word. Know that God alone has not only called AHA but He has anointed, chosen and released them into battle. I as one that leads 911Babies was an Abortion Abolitionist before I ever heard of AHA and chose to work with them and beside them. We share much in common for we don't just speak of our faith but we live it, as dangerous, radical and sold out disciples of Jesus Christ.

The pro-life movement has to change in these last days and speaking for the God given voice of 911Babies, I personally welcome change led by the Holy Spirit. What's the future of the pro-life abortion abolishing movement hold, you may ask and I'll gladly tell you that I have no idea. But I do know and trust the One who holds the future in His hands!

911Babies is working with AHA to place pro-life abortion abolishing messages on semi trailers though our Truckers4Life outreach program. We are also gearing up to use this task force to distribute AHA tracts along with the 911Babies one's we already leave in truckstops throughout the US and Canada. Mobile billboards full of abortion abolishing truth will soon be brought into this battle for human life.

As the ole 80's song goes, "the future's so bright we gotta wear shades". This networking partnership is fresh vision to battle an ole foe, the demon of Abortion is going down and God is going use our willing hearts, hands and lives to do it!

So get used to the new God anointed pro-life abortion abolishing movement and know were not leaving anything untouched and unchanged. Yes, I will tell you it will never be the same, once a movement like this gets released in your community. I'll also say that no false teaching, no demon, abortion loving organization or business and no pro-choice (pro-death) ideology will ever be safe again.

So beware of the men and women of the pro-life abortion abolishing movement. We are the one's who are here to turn the Abortion world upside down, so yes beware of us or better yet become one of us! Amen

Eddie DeHart
911Babies Director of Operations

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