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Statistics of Global Murder

By: Travis J. Nichols

Dictators Murder vs Abortions of Babies

Yakubu Gowan @ 1.1 Million
Mengistu Marium @ 1.5 Million
Kim II Sung @ 1.6 Million
Pol Pot @ 1.7 Million
Ismail Pasha @ 2.5 Million
Hideki Tojo @ 5 Million
Leopold II of Belgium @ 15 Million
Adolf Hitler @ 17 Million
Jozef Stalin @ 23 Million
Mao Zedong @ 78 Million

US Abortions since 1973 @ 54.5 Million or @ 1.4 Million Annually

The first US federal law on the subject was the Comstock Law of 1873 which banned Abortions in the US. Until the 1960's when a few states would allow it, then of course it was Federally legalized in 1973.

During that 100 year span, and being conservative in estimations, the annual rate would be @ 25% of the above, equating to @ 350,000 annual x 100 years would be @ 35 Million. Add that to the 54.5 Million & growing after 1973, we have @ 89.5 Million Babies Aborted. Compare that to the dictators combined statistics of @ 146.4 Million is actual pretty astounding, considering that America has slaughtered more babies than Mao's Reigm did with its people. And this does not consider the deaths of mothers during or after abortions, and the world abortions statically (including the US) of additionally @ 50 Million annually.

Yeah, these dictators may still collectively hold the 'title' persay, but statistically , abortions in the US alone will surpass them very soon, and has already been surpassed many times over worldwide.

So who or what is more ruthless a dictator or an abortionist? The math does not lie. Abortions are merely modern day forms of human sacrifice. Instead of the womb being a place of refuge & safety, it has been turn into a place horror & destruction for way too many! If anyone does not equate an abortionist to a murderous dictator, or worst, then they just have no respect for life in & of itself, and will answer to Yahweh in due time!! That means those mother, their pushy supportive parents, friends, boyfriends, husbands, the abortion clinics, the doctors, the nurses, the media, planned parenthood, etc, will be cast into the Lake of Fire unless they REPENT and sadly most will never do that! Amen

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