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God Forgive America

As Eyes Have Seen

The coldness embraces her nakedness for she is the great whore, the prostitute of nations, as she wallows in her shallow grave. Tears of shame that flow no more are dried upon her face for she is cold hearted and unashamed of her actions. Selling her riches and her soul for worldly trinkets and the oil of those who have raped her. Naked in the eyes of truth, she is seen for who is and for whom she has chosen to become. The slumber of death now tugs at her bosom, for she has killed her future, the generations yet to come.

Blood splattered memories flow from her womb as she allows and welcomes the pain and the sorrow. Marks of time cut into her arms display her addiction to abortion and apathy, over 40 years of unquestioned bloodshed tell the truth. She was quite willing to inflict pain and injuries on herself as choices of death over life fill her heart. The cuts reveal her relished pain and sorrow, exposing her addiction to death!

Slowly the mixture of dirt and blood fill her shallow premature grave, filling as it drowns her in the dreams of those who were never born. Aborted hope, aborted love, aborted destinies hold her eyelids shut. The brightness of life does not reside in her soul!

In the stillness and pouring rain, high above the clouds the eagle soars. Clouds cover the earth like the fog over a sleepy seaside town, the eagle rides the winds of the Spirit awaiting his time! When the opening appears he sees with perfect God given vision the battlefield below, seizing the moment before the window closes he streaks though the air. His time is now as he screeches warnings to all who will hear, with perfect vision he sees her from above.

Bloody and beaten as she has been left to die, though the storm, rain and hell he makes quick his flight to come by her side. Swooping in and landing beside her shallow grave he screeches forth warnings, she hears his pleas and cries and ignores them as she waits for death as she slowly dies. Louder he screams, calling forth the Rescuer who walks this bloody battlefield, he watches for this is his story! Written before time and his very creation, written in the blood of Jesus Christ before his purpose was ever revealed, now he lives only for God’s glory and will to be fulfilled.

He sits and watches for he has known her, she has killed her future and swallowed it’s blood. Millions of aborted blessings, in her mind they were unplanned and unwanted justified by a moment of pleasure. Pleasure above responsibility the death sentence of over millions of her sons and daughters, consequences of a so called choice!

In the stillness and pouring rain the Rescuer comes, His robe repels the dirt as the rain falls upon His bloodstained face. Tears of sacrifice fall upon His cheek as He kneels beside her shallow grave. Reaching for her in the whispers of His love, asking her to reach for Him as cries fill the misty morning air. They are the cries of His children bringing intercession into His presence begging for the forgiveness of her sins. Mixed with the cries of the ones whom have died to give her freedom and a future she has forsaken.

The darkness is fleeing as the new day approaches, chasing the shadows of yesterday away. Fleeting shadows run fading into nothing, now having no sanctuary to return to as their temples of lies crumble into ashes. The breeze of the Spirit breathes upon their ashes as His glory erases their memory forevermore!

“Come My child awaken, will you not resist this slumber of death?” He asks. He sees the track marks of apathy clearly visible upon her as His light shines upon her untimely grave. The addiction of self destruction that she craved in her quest of greatness and acceptance among fools, it quenches the flame of destiny. She was once consumed with burning faith, hope, love and justice for she had been a beacon upon a hill for all to see!

Beaten and bloody she slowly turns her head in the direction of His voice, for she senses His authority. Unable to see though the blindfold of despair, unable to speak as she has been gagged with ropes of pride. Unspoken pain hides in her soul, deeds done in darkness now brought to light visible for all to see.

The Rescuer calls to her again, “Awaken mighty warrior of days gone by! I see you for the glory you once held, you were created to be a beacon of hope, shelter from the storm and rain. Arise mighty princess of justice and reach forth your unbound hands, the bondage of death and shackles of time are broken at your side!”

Then He bellows with full authority and command, “Stretch forth thy hand America and take My hand!”

She has been found, she has been warned and she has been awakened in judgment.

The End?

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By: Screaming Eagle ~ Eddie DeHart

Life Articles