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Mommy Let Me Live

The Mommy Let Me Live book will have a positive impact on your life. Ms. Chapman, along with many other regretful women and men, share their testimony to educate, motivate, uplift, encourage and inspire. It encourages women to let their baby live, because God has a plan for that child's life. He has given you everything you need, not just within you, but also around you, to make it and eventually lead to a successful life. It educates the world that abortion hurts women not just physically but emotionally and mentally. It educates the world that abortion is in fact without a shadow of doubt, first degree murder. It motivates uplifts and inspires teenagers, women and men not to let your present situation affect your future.

This book has profound information about abortion; information that many individuals are not aware of. The book provides a brief history of abortion, which has been going on for centuries; there is really nothing new under the sun. The book discusses the process of elimination, by giving detailed information surrounding the types and techniques used, and how women can develop PAS (Post Abortion Syndrome) after they have experienced an abortion.

There are alternatives to abortions. These alternatives are listed inside of her book, and will help you to choose life for your unborn child. She also shares horrific stats and facts on abortion. Ms. Chapman says, If you don't think abortion is murder, you will after reading this book and asks, Did you know that babies aren't the only ones being murdered by this act? That's right. Women are constantly being murdered and injured, when carrying out this act, which isnt reported correctly or even diagnosed correctly. So in most cases the CDC stats are not accurate on deaths reports caused by abortion because when a woman dies the coroner doesnt put cause of death. They diagnose it with whatever the complication was which was caused by an abortion being performed. There are some studies that link breast cancer to abortion.

Ms. Chapman feels it is imperative that you educate yourself and become aware, because Knowledge is power, and When you know better, you do better. Knowing the truth will not only save your life but your babys as well. This book not only informs you but Ms. Chapman empowers you to climb every mountain until you fulfill all that God has for you.

She knew this was a special assignment from God, and was honored to finally say yes and embrace the call He had given her because God had planted something deep down in her heart, and He has mandated her to bring it to the light. Her mission, in writing this book, is to encourage women, men and teenagers, all over the world to let their baby live and give them a chance at life, like their mother gave them. Every child deserves to live. God created us because He wants us here. Every single person has a purpose. God doesnt make accidents, he makes plans. Before a child is even thought of by the parents, God knows him and the plans He has for that child. Ms. Chapmans goal is to change a negative thought into a positive mind-set. Her focus is to plant a message deep within your heart that will drive you to reposition yourself and your thinking, from the inside out.

This book was not written to bash or judge anyone who may be, now or in the future, in a difficult situation and feel abortion is the only way out. Instead, the book has been written to encourage mothers all over the world to let their baby live. It is her ultimate goal to help save our babies and save our mothers by discouraging them from making a rash decision today that will cause regret tomorrow. Ms. Chapman desire is to inspire all women, men, and teenagers, to awaken the greatness that is on the inside of them that will lead to an abundant life, not only for them, but also for their children. Her aspirations are to educate, motivate, inspire, empower and bring healing to those who need it and to testify about the God she serves and what He, not only can do, but what He did do.

"LaKisha Chapman's Mommy Let Me Live is a powerful, informative, and inspirational tell all story of her choices, good and bad. She has written an honest testimony that shares her own personal experiences and encounters with abortion and how through Gods love she was healed and restored." Dr. Alveda King

Ms. Chapman's abundant experiences with issues related to abortion and pro life have enabled her to establish a firm organizational infrastructure and foundation. . She is a notable Advocate, Author, and Inspirational Speaker who believes in community service and supporting her constituents. For more info check out the website at:

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