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Lukewarm Fool

The article below is transcribed from the conversation recorded between Bishop LW of Macedonia Temple and Ministries and operations director of 911Babies Eddie DeHart.

After requesting a meeting with Bishop LW, our request was honored and we had a sliver of hope in this dark city. The conversation below is hmmm yeah, sickening!

Introduction began with as I was being questioned about my choice of apparel, you see all I wore was jeans with a tee and light jacket. Duh I didn't want or need to impress anyone!

Eddie: Sir do you mind if I record this meeting?

Bishop LW: No, but this is for your use only and you are not allowed to use my full name or to share this as a video or on a radio station.

Eddie: Yes sir, I fully understand that and you have my word.

Bishop LW smiles and slides a piece of paper across his big fancy desk.

Bishop LW: I don't value your word, so sign this disclaimer.

Eddie: Seriously sir, hmmm for a meeting between two men of God?

Bishop LW: Well, I have reviewed your ministry and website and with that I now say your not a man of God but more like a boy.

Eddie: Huh, hmmm sir may I ask how old are you?

Bishop LW: I am 61, why?

Eddie: I am 49 and find your use of boy offending?

Bishop LW: Are you a racist? Most white people are!

Eddie: Wow, I am hmmm...

Bishop LW: Eddie my boy, when I call you boy it is not to reflect your age but your walk with God. You see son you are very immature in your faith and lack true biblical discipleship. Your what I call a pastor wanna-be.

Praying I hear his words as they bounce off my armor, as I now understand why the Lord impressed upon me three days of fasting and prayer before this meeting.

Eddie: Sir, I requested this meeting to inform you of the three abortion clinics in your city. As I hope we can work together to end the slaughter of the most innocent, the unborn children.

Bishop LW: You see boy I was born with a Bible in my hand. I am your superior in the army of God and I accepted your request to set you straight. You see I am personally Pro-Life but that is my choice. God gives us choice, He allows us to choose between good and evil, life or death. But not all children need to be born, you see son around here we have alot and I mean alot of crack whores and gang bangers and the last thing they need to do is breed. So in killing the offspring of these type people is really a blessing to the human race.

Eyes open, praying in the Spirit, I hear God, "Shut up and listen!" whew He knows me well. Amen

Bishop LW: You son just don't get it, the decision isn't yours, the choice isn't yours. Your wasting your God given gifts. How much did you earn last year?

Eyes wide open and mouth too! Yep shocked and blindsided all at once.

Eddie: Deep breath, hmmm about 30K?

Bishop LW: Laughs, boy last year I made over 250K, I have four houses and seven cars and not cheap cars either. I have a BMW, Corvette, and old muscle car a Chevelle. You see boy I am blessed! What kind of car do you own?

Eddie: What does this have to do with ministry? I have a 95 Toyota pickup and a Chevy Aero, hmmm sir your priorities are messed up and may I add extremely messed up! Also I came here...

Bishop LW: I know I know I know you came here for a handout for your so called ministry. Son your not serving God, can't you see how cursed you are? Look at my blessings compared to yours. I should take you in under my wing and mentor you, son don't you get it you can't save the world.

Now praying in tongues silently, anger pulsing through my veins, yes Lord I heard You, "Shut up and listen!". Arghhh I listen and obey, I promise to keep my feelings and anger inside. Amen

Eddie: Sir, my blessings are eternal and my treasure is where my heart is, have you ever seen the logo for 911Babies? It is a purple heart with the form of a unborn child in it, see? [Showing him the image.]

Bishop LW: God wants you to have treasure here too. I have more blessings here on Earth and in Heaven than you. You dear boy need my mentor ship, would you like to join my Church?

Eddie: No sir, you see I drove over 400 miles to come and see you, I saw the need for more Church involvement and came here...

Holy Spirit once again, "Shut up My son!"

Bishop LW: To what? To ask for some money to fight your losing battle? So you can give shelter to a knocked up crack whore? To what you immature child of God, too what?

Praying something like this, "Lord why? What's going on here? Father help me! Why must I play nice? Father Abba this joker is pissing me off and he is a demon filled moron and You and I both know it! Amen"

Bishop LW: To what boy? Why did you come here?

Still praying as I am being slammed with words of hate upon my armor, then I hear God speak into my spirit. He said, "Open your mouth wide and remain silent!" I live to obey His voice and His will for my life so I did just that. Now standing across the desk from Bishop LW, looking directly at him with my mouth wide open. I take it all in he is dressed in a three piece light brown suit with a yellow tie, also I see a huge gold chain around his neck about as thick as my pinkie finger. Talk about having crystal clarity my eye sight was like yeah like looking though the purest of water. Standing there everything was brighter and in a clear defining focus.

Bishop LW: No I am not giving your ministry a handout! Take your cursed beliefs and your fake compassion and get out of here this meeting is over!

Suddenly with no warning, no upset stomach, no stomach heaves, no idea of what was about to happen. My full breakfast of an IHOP Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity spewed from my open mouth, across his desk, over his gold name plate and a few awards that littered his desk. Across his mouse pad and over his laptop computer, this vomit was hmmm Star Trek vomit as it traveled at warp 7. It first made impact near the center of his chest, splashing off him on to the disclaimer form lying on his desk. His eyes were wide open and it was like he tried to move but couldn't. I also stood there unable to move as instinct would have had me cover my mouth with my hands. I was not in control of what was happening and I fully understood it, never resist what God is doing! I don't know what happened next but Bishop LW must have slouched down in his leather chair. The vomit struck him upon the right side of his face near his open mouth and splashed up onto his glasses.

Bishop LW: Get the hell out of here boy and I hope you rot in hell!

Without a word I turned and walked towards the door to leave his office. Reaching for the door knob, I sensed God release me to speak.

Eddie: The curse you just pronounced upon me will be your reward, it is the reward of a false prophet. You sir I do not believe I will ever meet again either here on Earth or in Heaven. The gold chain around your neck is your statement of your choice of death, death by riches. Judgment comes! Goodbye and may I add God loves the crack whores and gang bangers and their children are the blessing of the future!

Closing the door, taking in moment I slowly walk down the hallway and out the door. Stepping outside into the brisk air I take in a huge breath of fresh air, knowing my shadow will never darken this doorway again. I walk towards the parking lot, glancing up as a ray of light breaks through the dark clouds. Life goes on and so do I. Amen

Note: I will always wonder why God allowed me to meet a man who had the initials LW, maybe they stood for "Luke Warm" as in Revelation 3:16. Hmmm... So then because thou art "lukewarm", and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth. ~ Revelation 3:16

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