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Kamp Kaboom

Kamp KaBoom
Prepare, Proclaim, Project, Pro-Life

The idea of a converted school bus to be used as bunk houses at a youth camp comes from a dream I had April the 8th 2014. I awoke around 5am after having one of those dreams that make you question if it was a dream or was it real. I remember walking though a campground with the Lord and this is what I saw. First I noticed old school buses that had been jacked up in the air and placed on blocks, they were underpinned. Each bus had been painted in a bright color with words on them. Then when I was taken into the bus I saw it had been gutted and had bunks built inside. Then next thing I remember was seeing a building in the center of these buses, I believe it was the teaching or worship center. Inside the building there were no pews or chairs, for the school bus seats had been mounted to the floor for seating. I arose from the dream and made the following notes:

This offers a clever way to use an old school bus once it's out of commission. You might even say it's too cool for school.

The dream was of a camp ground where the cabins were old school buses gutted and made into bunkhouses. The worship center seating was the bus seats mounted to the floor. The camps name was Kamp KaBoom and kids loved it. The logo was the shape of a school bus done in orange!

The kids were taught there for several days then they went to places where there were lots of people. There the put into play the truths they were taught as they passed out tracts and engaged people with the truth. It was so real like I wondered if it exists but I can't locate. Maybe it is something yet to come.

It was also something about the next generation isn't going go down without a fight. Something like a whew abortion fighters basic training camp. Seriously this could be done inexpensively and duplicated nationally.

I can't hardly contain it feeling like I might go KaBoom! Been like this now since April 8th and ticking...

Kamp KaBoom is what you get when you mix evangelism and activism!

Many of us look back at camp as being one of the if not the most Spirit filled experiences we've ever had. Dr. John Perkins recently stated, " I can do more with the kids in our community in one weekend than I can do in six months of community outreach." So you might now be asking, why me and what can I do? I have even had one person ask me, "why should I be part of this vision?" Because without vision the people (kids, born and unborn) will perish!

Are you aware that camps and retreats impact lives of our youth more than any other aspect of ministry. - Youth Alive Ministries 2007

Kamp KaBoom is to help you the Church build a Christian foundation in our youth. As you provide the way their character will be shaped and some may catch the spark that will ignite their walk with Christ. Not all young people who go to camp become evangelists, missionaries or pastors, but some do!

Most youth are already seeking a worthy cause, a reason to live. They desire something to live for and pour their lives into, they want to make a difference. Picture this many are going to public school which is one of the most fruitful mission fields in America, almost one in every community. Yes, public schools have their problems, but they are still packed with our youth. They are sitting there in classes, being herded through the hallways, living a daily routine seeking a purpose. Many are ready to commit their lives to Christ Jesus and follow Him, the public school is mission field waiting to be harvested.

Evangelism combined with activism is an explosive force, if we can share the life affirming Gospel message it will make a huge impact in their future and eternity.

Our desire is to get the youth to see their schools as a mission field and not just a daily routine. In the words of William Shakespere, "we know who we are, but we know not what we may be". Among youth, activism is very popular and most youth believe there is nothing greater than a working towards a greater cause, save the whales, dogs and cats, etc. but what about human beings? The youth of this generation are hungry to live a life to make a difference in and upon this world. It is awesome to see these young people look beyond themselves as they desire to change the world. The people and the world love activism but many shun evangelism. The idea of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ as our only hope in a fallen world is about as uncool as it has ever been.

As Christians we are called to go throughout the world and make disciples, that was and still is the great commission issued by Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago. Kamp KaBoom is way more than activism and to combine the two is an explosive force one cannot contain. It is a calling to do more than help people with physical needs, it is bringing spiritual eternal hope to those who do not know Christ as we save unborn children, the youth of tomorrow.

As one who supports Kamp KaBoom you are spending monies sending missionaries through out the world. With Kamp KaBoom you will spending your monies and sending a missionary to school, literally! The public school system is the greatest mission field for it literally holds our future. If we reach these youth, millions of disciples will be made and thousands of Churches will be launched and billions of people will be saved. Whatever your investment is it will reap eternal rewards beyond measure!

Remember this Jesus had a very simple strategy to reach the world. He selected 12 teachable men, He trained them, He sent them and He left them. These ordinary men launched a movement that has shaken the world for the glory and honor of God. Jesus impacted the world by making disciples who made disciples! - Kamp KaBoom

To sum it up, we are on a mission to fulfill the great commission! Join us!

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